Get real-time monitoring for your temperature sensitive products.

Carefully crafted and optimized for your fleet vehicles.

Real-time Monitoring & Control

Created for your convenience

Track your fleet to ensure quality of products with confidence in your drivers, cargo, and vehicles.


Temperature Monitoring


GPS Location Tracking


Alarms Settings & Security

Monitor your cargo’s temperature, location and alarms through our advanced tracking software.

Multiple users on a connected network for increased productivity and a smaller work load.


  • Optimize savings by understanding patterns of utilization
  • Spot trends and competitive responses with other units
  • GPS tracking, alarm settings and security
  • Take care of potential maintenance issues as soon as possible
  • Better manage the safety of your drivers and your products
  • Real-time vulnerabilities and disruption notifications
  • See suggestions for replacements to dodge expensive repercussions
  • Custom system configuration

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Optimize savings and spot trends through calibrated tracking. Our user-friendly tracking platform helps you understand patterns of utilizations to increase savings and productivity.

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