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We brings you one step closer to success with great savings and lower risk.

TriTrackers Platform brings you one step closer to success with great savings and lower risk. It isolates meaningful intelligence from monitored data and incorporates them into actionable information yielding profitable decision making.


  • Customizable real-time temperature monitoring chart analytics dashboard
  • Real-time GPS location map
  • Fleet Company Dashboard (Pro User)
  • Real-time device's temperatures and voltages alarms
  • Event based user notifications via email or SMS
  • Device Alarms Management System - Set alarms ranges to get notified when values go out of the specified ranges
  • Users Management - Share devices with your fleet users

Find the hidden potential of your product

A versatile, online reefer management system for vans and trailers that provide traceability for your delivery fleet. This new monitoring system aids in temperature compliance and increase productivity by having the information readily available.

Our soon to be available application for iOS and Android devices is also suitable for all types of automotive refrigeration units. Once the app has been integrated, it can compare different models from other brands and suggest specific electric replacements optimal for savings.

The platform has data integration capabilities that provide more visibility to fleets. Drivers then can monitor and manage cargo temperatures, respond to alarms, and be notified for maintenance check-ups wherever they may be.

  • Optimize savings by understanding patterns of utilization
  • Spot trends and competitive responses with other units
  • The user-defined parameters include GPS monitoring, alarm settings and security, and custom system configuration

Capitalize on Warnings

  • Take care of potential maintenance issues as soon as possible
  • Better manage the safety of your drivers and your products
  • Receive real-time notifications regarding disruptions and vulnerabilities
  • See suggestions for replacements to dodge expensive repercussions
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