Q&A: Dyson Stone, Endorphin Fitness

Q: What did a typical training week looked like this past offseason?


A: During the offseason it was a lot of base training. I usually have at least two training sessions a day normally a swim in the morning and a bike or run in the afternoon. I have also been mixing some strength training in there.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish in 2013?


A: My biggest goal for 2013 is to gain experience. It will be my first year racing as a Junior and I feel that experience in different situations can win races down the road.


Q: Which discipline are you hoping to improve most over the course of this season?


A: I am hoping to improve all around. I am not really focusing on one discipline.


Q: As a student-athlete, we all know you are very busy throughout the day. What keeps you motivated to train everyday with everything else you have going on in your life?


A: It's a love for the sport that keeps me going. There are days when I will be up until 1am doing homework and I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get a workout in. School is definitely one of the biggest obstacles I face in my training, it is very time consuming.










In 2012, Endorphin Fitness' Stone Dyson proved that he was one of the best youth elite triathletes in the country with early season success. At the 2012 Clermont Draft Legal Challenge, he dominated the youth elite field. Weeks later, Dyson turned in another masterful performance at the Dallas ITU Pan American Cup where a dramatic photo finish left him in a first place tie. He was named a 2012 Youth Elite All-American by USA Triathlon and finished third overall in the 2012 USAT Youth Elite Series.


The 2013 Clermont Draft Legal Challenge served as Dyson's debut in the Junior Elite division. He capitalized on the moment, finishing 12th overall and third among Junior Elites in a historically-fast U25 amateur event. In this interview, Dyson discusses the upcoming season, his goals, and his training.


Q: What races are on your 2013 calendar and which one are you looking forward to most?


A: I have already raced in Clermont, Flordia this season and I am planning on racing the Richmond, Monroe, and Des Moines Junior Elite Cups. Unfortunately I did not qualify for Nationals as a Youth last year, so that will definitely be one of my top priorities this season. I would also like to qualify to race Pan American Championships in Brazil this year. I think it would be an awesome experience and a fun race.


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